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50 to 175 Count Humidors

For the serious collector who wants their cigars kept in the BEST possible condition!

The Milano 75 - Oak
A popular choice in an Oak finish!
CAD $138.99
CAD $97.96
The Azteca 75
A truly geometric design!
CAD $131.99
CAD $99.96
The Milano 75 - Dark Cherry
Of All the Cigar Humidors in Canada, This is an Extremely Popular Choice!
CAD $155.99
CAD $99.96
The Milano 75 - Dark Rosewood
A Very Popular Choice in a Dark Rosewood finish!
CAD $155.99
CAD $109.96
The Milano 75 - Glasstop in Black Oak
A Popular Cigar Humidor Choice, Now Available in a Glasstop Version!
CAD $164.99
CAD $119.96
The Milano 75 - Glasstop in Dark Rosewood
The Milano Glasstop Cigar Humidor.... A Canada Humidor Customer Favourite!
CAD $164.99
CAD $119.99
The Dalton 120
Classic style with modern distinction!
CAD $219.99
CAD $120.96
The Milano 75 - Elegant Glasstop
Hot Deal
A Beautiful Glasstop Presentation in MacIntosh Oak!
CAD $186.99
CAD $129.96
The Othello 100
Hot Deal
Exotic Woods with a High Gloss Finish... WOW!
CAD $213.99
CAD $129.96
The Sienna 75 - Black
Hot Deal
Classic and Clean with a Plenty of Storage!
CAD $229.99
CAD $129.96
The Alhambra 100
Hot Deal
This Maple Wood Humidor is Always Popular and a True Classic!
CAD $208.99
CAD $139.96
The Delano 100
Modern distinction with a classy finish!
CAD $219.99
CAD $139.96