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An Essential Tool to Measure the Relative Humidity In Your Humidor

Analog vs. Digital, that is the question. For those that want to know the approximate range of relative humidity (RH), an analog hygrometer will do the job. The more discerning connoisseur may wish to know the exact RH percentage and for that, you will need a digital hygrometer.

In either case, the most important aspect is to calibrate your hygrometer, so that you know that it is functioning correctly and you can trust the readout.

Boveda Butler (Smart Sensor) with Calibration Kit
Hot Deal
Accurately monitor the humidity inside your humidor without opening it!
CAD $59.99
CAD $42.96
CigarMedics HumidiMeter™
Accurate Measurement of the Humidity in Your Cigar!
CAD $49.99
CAD $39.96
CigarMedics HumidiMeter™ Calibration System
A Slim And Stylish Digital Hygrometer!
CAD $29.99
CAD $17.96
CigarMedics HumidiMeter™ Case
Protect your HumidiMeter!
CAD $18.99
CAD $14.96
Madelaine Digital Hygrometer - Replacement Battery
Replacement battery for the Madelaine Digital Hygrometer.
CAD $2.19
CAD $1.96
Western Caliber IV
A NEW Canada Humidor Favourite... Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Accurate, Ultra-Reliable...
CAD $54.99
CAD $39.96
Adorini Compact Digital Hygrometer - CALIBRATABLE
Calibrateable with a 3-day Average Display!
CAD $59.96
CAD $49.96
Western Caliber 4 Round - Gold
The Newest Addition to the Caliber Line of Hygrometers!
CAD $54.99
CAD $39.96
Western Caliber 4 Round - Silver
The Newest Addition to the Caliber Line of Hygrometers!
CAD $54.99
CAD $39.96
Black & Silver Analog Hygrometer - 1 3/4"
Optimized for Tracking Humidity in a Cigar Humidor!
CAD $21.99
CAD $11.96
Black & White Analog Hygrometer - 3"
The reading is clear!
CAD $16.99
CAD $9.98
Brass Analog Hygrometer - 2 3/4"
A very large display to clearly see the reading!
CAD $26.99
CAD $24.96
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