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RoMa Craft XiKAR Travel Set - Intemperance
Hot Deal
Join the movement...
CAD $269.99
CAD $199.96
Boveda Butler (Smart Sensor) with Calibration Kit
Hot Deal
Accurately monitor the humidity inside your humidor without opening it!
CAD $59.99
CAD $45.98
Canada Humidor "Precious Cargo" Herf Case
The Perfect Case for Your Precious Herf Items!
CAD $299.99
CAD $219.96
CigarMedics HumidiMeter™
Accurate Measurement of the Humidity in Your Cigar!
CAD $49.99
CAD $39.96
PerfecDraw® Draw Adjustment Tool & Nubber
Finally... The Perfect Draw!
CAD $59.99
CAD $45.96
Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter - Black & Rose Gold
A Very Unique and Functional Way to Cut Your Cigar!
CAD $79.99
CAD $49.96
Colibri Daytona Cigar Lighter - Chrome Black
Formula One Inspired, not too Mention "Cool"!
CAD $99.99
CAD $79.96
Adorini Leather Cigar Case - Black Stitching
Truly a Great Case!
CAD $199.99
CAD $149.96
The Clevelander Cigar Cooler Cabinet
Thermoelectric Cooled Comfort for Your Precious Collection!
CAD $549.00
CAD $449.96
XiKAR Enso Cigar Cutter - Blue
The XiKAR 'ZEN' cutter that comes full circle!
CAD $169.99
CAD $109.96
XiKAR Enso Cigar Cutter - Red
Hot Deal
The XiKAR 'ZEN' cutter that comes full circle!
CAD $169.99
CAD $89.96
XiKAR Xi2 Cutter - Cuban Flag
One of the Most Popular Cutters and Marcas Available...
CAD $89.99
CAD $79.96
XiKAR XO Cigar Cutter - Gloss Black with Black Blades
Hot Deal
The XIKAR cigar cutter comes full circle!
CAD $186.99
CAD $99.96
RoMa Craft Xidris by XiKAR - Weasel Red
Hot Deal
Direct Inject™ Flame Technology optimized performance...
CAD $129.99
CAD $69.96
XiKAR HP4 Lighter - Blue
High Performance Quad Lighter!
CAD $169.99
CAD $129.96
XiKAR Turrim Double Jet - Gunmetal
Hot Deal
Perfect for packing in your travel case...
CAD $116.99
CAD $89.96
3 Bags x 250g SERRANO Coffee Ground
The Favourite Morning Coffee in Cuba!
CAD $59.99
CAD $44.96
XiKAR HumiKit Humidification System
Hot Deal
An "All-In-One" Humidity Kit!
CAD $145.99
CAD $89.96
Canada Humidor "Colibri" Cigar Travel Kit
Hot Deal
Palio - The Cutting Edge for Today's Aficionado!
CAD $249.99
CAD $149.96
Cigar Caddy 5 - Cuban Flag
In Honour of the Cuban Nation!
CAD $59.99
CAD $49.96