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The Coffee... 
This artisanal coffee is made with high-altitude, high-quality beans, by the artisans who plant and nurture these coffee trees on shaded mountainsides. 
The unique soils and microclimates produce a complex coffee with bold and nuanced flavors.

The Story...
Twin Engine Coffee is a single-origin coffee company working in Nicaragua, exclusively with mountain-grown Specialty grade coffees. 
What does this mean?
- For them, it means that they have the challenge and privilege of showcasing the intricacies and nuances of Nicaraguan coffees.
- For you, it means that you can drink great coffee from the highest-quality Nicaraguan beans, know exactly from where they came and how they got to you.

Twin Engine Coffee & Cigars...
This coffee has a roundness and balance that allows it to be drunk while smoking a light or strong cigar or without a cigar.

Twin Engine Coffee - Cigar Blend #1 - Medium Roast Ground - 400g
Medium Roasted and Blended Specifically for Cigar Lovers!
CAD $29.99
CAD $18.96
This Product is Currently on Back Order. Please email us, if you would like more information.
Twin Engine "Cuban Style" Nicaraguan Coffee Ground - 200g
Single Bean and Roasted Specifically for Coffee Lovers!
CAD $28.99
CAD $13.96