Canada Humidor Stories… “Leaky Humidor? Or Not…”

Life in the retail industry is a very interesting one to say the least… not a dull moment 😊

There is no lack of challenges, but also no lack of very satisfying moments, when we look back at our work and conclude that it is all worth it.

With that in mind, we decided that there is a benefit to you our readers and customers, that we share some of the behind the scene stories.

Welcome to a collection of stories from our daily lives inside our little business that we love so much.

Somewhere along this journey you will find situations or maybe personality traits that may seem… weird… Some stories might feel familiar, others might seem far-fetched…

Two things we can guarantee:

  • The situations are real, no fiction involved…
  • Our intent is to share these situations truthfully and with learning in mind… There will be no sarcasm and ridicule intended.

We are Canada Humidor and these are our stories…

Welcome to our First Story… “Leaky Humidor? Or Not…”YouTube Video

A Cigar Humidor was returned by a customer as they believed it was leaky. During this 21 day test, Louis Batonyi with Canada Humidor, proceeds to season and monitor the humidor with SensorPush Technology.

Although the video is quite long, there is a lot of good information that might be of interest to some of our customers. Please do not hesitate to ask questions in the comments. We’ll do our best to answer.

Leaky Humidor? Or Not...
Leaky Humidor? – YouTube Video

Humidor Monitoring with SensorPush



Alice Batonyi

Canada Humidor

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