At Canada Humidor we like to HERF…

HERF… Smoking cigars is sometimes known as herfing, and a herf is a lively gathering of like-minded puffers (source: A Way with Words).

2018 spring was so long overdue and so highly anticipated that we all wanted to celebrate it with bang… So… what better way to do so than go to a Cinco de Mayo Cigar Herf in Saskatoon….

Tres Amigos de Luchador Locos… Bing, Rick and George…

Mr. Paul Giommi of The Luchador Locos, Cigar Group in Saskatchewan, was very kind and opened his new cigar lounge to the group for a herf.

Mr. Paul Giommi of The Luchador Locos, Cigar Group in Saskatoon

We, that have ever organized such event, know that it’s not for the faint of heart to throw such a party, so help is more than welcomed… Mr. Giommi’s friends, George Trotter and Bing Fung, and all the lovely wives came to help.

The party was a tremendous success. The amazing great time we had deserved a short movie, so we can all remember those times of fun and happiness…

Canada Humidor produced the short video and also was in charge with the door prizes: Ammo Can Humidor, Canada Humidor 10th Anniversary Palio Cutter,  Adorini Cigar Punches, Stinky 4 Tall Cigar Ashtrays, Canada Humidor Cigar Stand, etc.

Cigar Herf in Saskatoon "Cinco de Mayo... and Cigars" Video
Cigar Herf in Saskatoon “Cinco de Mayo… and Cigars” Video


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