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Humidity Stabilization Beads

Humidity Stabilization Beads
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Large - 113gms or 4oz
Extra Large - 227gms or 8oz (+CAD $8.00)
Jumbo - 454gms or 1lb (+CAD $22.00)
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NOW available in the "JUMBO" size! (Does not include mesh bags)
NOW available: White mesh bags that can hold up to 6oz of beads
Dimensions: Large = 4" x 5" x 2"

What are humidity beads?

Humidity beads are an advanced silica based product that provide two way humidification control. Almost all passive humidification products are one way, which means they can release humidity but cannot absorb.
This is relevant as temperature changes can cause sudden spikes or drops in humidity. Humidity beads rapidly respond to these shifts to keep your humidity consistent.
Due to the two way functionality of our humidity stabilization beads they can be used in small humidors, or as a supplement in a large or cabinet style humidor.

Canada Humidor Humidity Stabilization Beads are perfect for regulating humidity in coolerdors, wineadors, tupperdors and any sealed container that you want to keep your cigars in.

Please Note: Using more stabilization beads in your humidor than the minimum recommended amount will provide a couple of advantages.
  • First, the additional mass will provide more moisture storage and assist the humidor to withstand seasonal changes in RH requirements, which can be significant here in Canada.
  • Second, when your humidor is accessed there is a drop in RH and the additional beads will provide for a faster recovery.
  • Finally, every humidor has a small amount of loss due to a less than perfect seal and the additional stabilization beads will hold the RH longer.

Using Humidity Beads

  1. To determine the amount of beads required, take the inside measurements of your humidor and calculate the cubic area. For every 1.25 cubic feet you will need 8 ounces.
  2. Do not saturate the beads as they will breakdown and their efficiency will be greatly reduced.
  3. Lightly spray distilled water on to the bag of beads until the colour changes (see pic above for dry vs activated) and shake the excess water off.
  4. Place the bag inside your humidor and the stabilization beads will look after the rest.
  5. These beads have been formulated to be "trained" to regulate the affected environment at your desired level of relative humidity (DRH%). To accomplish this, simply monitor the relative humidity (RH%) and if it exceeds your DRH%, remove the beads from the humidor for 24 hours
  6. If DRH% is lower than your desired level, lightly spray them again and re-install in the humidor. When the humidor has stabilized at your DRH% for several days, the beads will expel moisture into the humidor when the RH% is below your DRH% and draw moisture out of the air when the RH% is above above your DRH%.
  7. When the beads turn to a translucent, almost clear white colour, simply charge them by lightly spraying them with distilled water, shake the excess water off and re-install in the humidor.

  • Maintains the RH to your preferred level. Usually between 65% and 70%
  • Two-way humidification absorbs and releases humidity
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Changes colour when you need to add humidity to your humidor
  • Mesh bags available to hold the beads

Please Note: We do not recommend this humidification method for small to medium sized wooden desktop humidors

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by ryebuilt
ryebuilt bought "Humidity Stabilization Beads" on our website
10/18/2014 - 04:03:02 PM
A great and trusted product!
A great and trusted product!
In regards to the beads, these are labeled as a 70% RH bead, where in my years of use of these ones, I have found they are programmable. I have 2lbs in my wineador set and locked in at 64%rh and they are bombproof. I have also used another pound in my NC humidor that was set at 70% and they were awesome in that application as well. The important thing to note is these are designed to MAINTAIN RH and can not be used during the seasoning process. If you ever need help on how to season a humi, ask Canada Humidor!
My years of experience with these beads is; I trust them with my entire collection. I have 3 years flawless use out of mine, and I think I'll be replacing the works soon. Not because they aren't working, nor are they breaking down, but when I invest what I do in fine cigars, it's cheap insurance with a trusted product.
When placed in a fine cloth medium bag, I use distilled water in a spray bottle set on mist, and give a few squirts per side every few months in my wineador and once a month in my humidor.
Once they are set and working, they don't seem to want to be re-adjusted. I tried to take some set at 70 to use in tubos in my traveldor, and they just stayed at 70 until they were spent and dry. Misted them again and same deal.
If you want or keep a lower RH, start slow. Introduce a lightly misted bag into a working humi a small amount at a time. Don't toss 5lbs in a box, soak them down and try to season your humidor while they're in there as I think they will try to program themselves at too high of an RH and just start to breakdown under the pressure.
They work wonders, but there IS a reason they call it "passive" humidification. Be patient and take your time setting them up properly and you will be amazed how well they work.
For those of you in the more humid climates, skip the misting, or go SUPER easy with it. These work 2 ways and will help you by absorbing the access moisture during the wet seasons and the hot and humid seasons to follow.
It is a good idea for folks in the moist climates to keep a pound or two sealed in a second freezer bag to keep dry to use incase of an emergency. It's a real bitch trying to dry things out when the damn air is wet, and having a bag of dry beads will save your investment in cigars as well as give you smokable sticks during the sticky season.
A great product that surpasses the competition in function & value.

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