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50 to 175 Count Humidors

For the serious collector who wants their cigars kept in the BEST possible condition!

The Rockefeller 100
Modern distinction with a classy finish!
CAD $252.99
CAD $175.96
The Matte Black 100
This "Reclaimed Wood" Humidor has that Truly Rustic Look!
CAD $249.99
CAD $179.96
The Carlton 100
Modern distinction with a classy finish!
CAD $279.99
CAD $189.96
The Waldorf 150 with Cigar Scissors
Another stunning piece from Prestige Imports!
CAD $499.99
CAD $339.96
Colibri "Quasar" 16" Humidor by Daniel Marshall
A truly "Amazing Display of Power" designed for Colibri by Daniel Marshall...
CAD $2,699.00
CAD $1,999.96
Boveda Acrylic Humidor - Large with 60gm Packs
Take all the worry out of maintaining your fine cigars...
CAD $319.99
CAD $259.96
The Black Button Deluxe 75
Decorative Buttons Accent the Leather and Piano Finish...
CAD $239.00
CAD $149.96
The Sienna 75 - Black
Hot Deal
Classic and Clean with a Plenty of Storage!
CAD $229.99
CAD $129.96
The London Deluxe 60
Elegant Wood Grain and the Perfect Size for a "Humble" Selection...
CAD $239.00
CAD $179.96
The Carolina 125
Hot Deal
Classic Reclaimed Wood Design!
CAD $219.99
CAD $179.96
The Steel City 125
Hot Deal
Celebrating Ironworkers Everywhere!
CAD $219.99
CAD $169.96
The Open Embassies 125 - Limited Edition
Hot Deal
Celebrating Cuba and the USA...
CAD $219.99
CAD $169.96