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50 to 175 Count Humidors

For the serious collector who wants their cigars kept in the BEST possible condition!

The Versailles 100
Hot Deal
Another Canada Humidor Customer Favourite and Extremely Elegant Too!
CAD $252.99
CAD $164.96
The Old World 100
A Classic Look for a Person of the World!
CAD $197.99
CAD $169.96
The Amalfi 75
Hot Deal
For Those with a Classic Taste, Here's a Design Inspired by Antique Furniture.
CAD $252.99
CAD $142.96
The Solana 100
An Absolutely Beautiful Piece of Furniture!
CAD $252.99
CAD $176.96
The Windermere 100
An Absolutely Beautiful Piece of Furniture!
CAD $252.99
CAD $197.96
The Pompeii 100
A Beautiful Combination of Craftsmanship and Functionality...
CAD $252.99
CAD $175.96
The Milano 75 - Dark Cherry
Of All the Cigar Humidors in Canada, This is an Extremely Popular Choice!
CAD $155.99
CAD $109.96
The Milano 75 - Dark Rosewood
A Very Popular Choice in a Dark Rosewood finish!
CAD $155.99
CAD $109.96
This Product is Currently on Back Order. Please email us, if you would like more information.
The Milano 75 - Oak
A popular choice in an Oak finish!
CAD $138.99
CAD $97.96
The Napoli 75
A truly beautiful Walnut Burl piece!
CAD $241.99
CAD $186.96
The Renaissance 120
This Solid Reclaimed Wood Humidor has a Truly Vintage Look!
CAD $325.99
CAD $249.96
The 5 Vegas Tradition 150
A Beautiful Piece of Artwork on a Great Humidor!
CAD $252.99
CAD $186.96