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Enjoy Discounts on Merchandise with Cosmetic Defects

The Portofino 125 (Imperfect)
Another stunning piece from Prestige Imports!
CAD $274.99
CAD $146.96
The Montegue 1500 (Imperfect)
Traditional and Functional... What More Could An Aficionado Want?
CAD $1,099.99
CAD $639.97
The Classic 20 - Cherry (Imperfect)
A Very Nice 20 Count Humidor for Home or Away. Gorgeous Finish!
CAD $52.99
CAD $32.96
The Treasure Dome 200 (Imperfect)
Featured in Cigar Aficionado Magazine December 2003
CAD $384.99
CAD $219.96
Adorini Vittoria Deluxe 500 (Imperfect)
The Vittoria 500 is a Piece of Art with Uncompromising Functionality!
CAD $829.99
CAD $699.97
Stinky 4 Tall "Blue" Cigar Ashtray (Imperfects)
The new 'smaller-taller' Stinky Cigar Ashtray!
CAD $40.99
CAD $15.96
Countertop Display 7 (Imperfect)
When You Need Storage Space and Have Very Little Counter Space!
CAD $395.99
CAD $252.96
The Geneve 500 (Imperfect)
For the Serious Aficionado that Wants to Showcase Their Cigars!
CAD $659.99
CAD $384.96
The Deauville 100 (Imperfect)
The Tobacco Leaf Inlay is Exquisite...
CAD $160.99
CAD $103.96
The Salvador 200 (Imperfect)
Classic style with modern distinction!
CAD $428.99
CAD $199.97
The Old World 100 (Imperfect)
A Classic Look for a Person of the World!
CAD $142.99
CAD $129.96
The Solana 100 (Imperfect)
An Absolutely Beautiful Piece of Furniture!
CAD $184.99
CAD $142.96
Terms & Conditions: All "Imperfects" sales are final and not eligible for refund.