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Made for Active Control of the Relative Humidity in your Humidor!

These devices take the guess work out of controlling the humidity level inside your humidor. It truly is a "Set & Forget" method, provided you maintain the appropriate level of distilled water in your unit.

Adorini Cigar Heaven Humidifier - 2nd Gen
Possibly the Best Electronic Humidifier on the Market!
CAD $329.99
CAD $259.96
This Product is Currently on Back Order. Please email us, if you would like more information.
Adorini Cigar Heaven Humidifier - Replacement Foam
The Only True Acryl Polymer Humidifier Replacement Available!
CAD $28.99
CAD $20.96
Cigar Oasis Air Circulation Kit
The Easiest Way to Add Air Movement...
CAD $69.99
CAD $55.96
Cigar Oasis European Power Adapter (Previous Gen)
For previous generation units.
CAD $43.99
CAD $19.96
Cigar Oasis Excel Humidifier
Hot Deal
The "Next Generation" Humidifier for a Medium Sized Humidor!
CAD $186.99
CAD $129.96
Cigar Oasis Excel Rechargeable Battery Pack ONLY
Rechargeable Battery Pack for Cordless Operation
CAD $32.99
CAD $29.96
Cigar Oasis Excel Short Water Cartridge
Lower the height of your Excel Humidifier
CAD $43.99
CAD $26.96
Cigar Oasis Excel Water Cartridge
Replacement Cartridge for the Cigar Oasis XL
CAD $28.99
CAD $21.96
Cigar Oasis Humidifier Beads - 1 oz
Perfect for the large format electronic humidifiers!
CAD $22.99
CAD $15.96
Cigar Oasis II XL Replacement Foam Brick
Replacement Foam Brick For Cigar Oasis II XL
Call for price
Cigar Oasis Magna 2.0 - Replacement Remote
Replacement remote control for the Cigar Oasis Magna 2.0
CAD $129.99
CAD $87.96
Cigar Oasis Magna 2.0 Humidifier
The Best Commercial Grade Electronic Humidifier Available!
CAD $362.99
CAD $259.96
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